Nosara Natural Foods

Whole Foods to go!

Our Menu, Available Fresh Every Day!


Oatmeal or Fruit Bowl


Heart of Palm Ceviche


Hummus Plate:  with pita bread and sliced cucumbers


Salad:  Mixed greens and veggies or cole slaw

Add chicken or fish


Veggie Sandwich:  Roasted eggplant or hummus


BBQ Sandwich with chicken, pork, sausage or smoked fish


Burritos:  Egg, Bean, Smoked Fish, BBQ Chicken, pork or sausage

Served with potato salad


Fresh Juices


Veggie Juice:  carrot, beet and ginger

Fruit Juice:  papaya, pineapple, watermelon

Pipas (coconut water)

Cacao Boost:  Organic raw cacao beans with honey and pipa juice

Lemon slushy




Orange, Cacao, Banana

Spirulina, kale, banana, peanut butter

Maca, almond butter, banana, honey

Avocado, kale, cucumber, tahini, banana


Coffee & Tea


Chamomile, green tea, chai




Papaya and maricuya

Chocolate and banana

Chocolate and orange and banana


Cookies, Snacks and Deserts

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